The Trailer Park Podcast 8: Growing Interest in Manufactured Housing w/ James Cook

by: Blake Comfort | June 14, 2021 | Podcast | 0 Comments

Show Notes:

James Cook is the Founder and National Director of Brokerage at Yale Realty & Capital Advisors, which specializes in manufactured housing and RV resorts and provides both brokerage and financing services. Founded in 2010, Yale is the first true fully integrated firm with a dedicated representative in each region of the country to assist MH and RV owners and investors nationwide.

The firm handles everything from confidential displacements, to running a full marketing and call for offers process. They focus on institutional grade communities ranging from 50 sites to 1,000+ site portfolios and have successfully closed on the sale or financing of roughly $1 billion in production within this niche asset class.

Since 2012, James has also served as one of six partners at Yale Energy Advisors. They offer a diverse suite of services, ranging from capital raising for energy and resource projects, to brokerage of the physical commodities.

Listen in as James speaks on how he sees the mobile space evolving within the next ten to 20 years and the many investment opportunities that continue to exist, even in highly-regulated regions such as the West Coast.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

●      [02:21] What James is most excited about today

●      [05:30] How the mobile home space will look in the next decade or two

●      [11:14] Growing a sense of camaraderie and community in a seniors’ park

●      [17:30] Comparing 2020 with 2021 so far, and what to expect as the year progresses

●      [21:53] Why cap rates lagging behind interest rates

●      [28:16] Why some owners part with their properties instead of maximizing their value

●      [33:42] States that James is currently bullish on

●      [43:34] What James would do if he won $10 million today

Key Quotes by James:

●      The investor, aka the consumer, always lags the lending world.

●      There are probably as many trillion dollar asset managers today as there were billion dollar asset managers ten years ago in our space.

●      There are plenty of buyers siphoning out of these West Coast markets that are very mature and very regulated, into more Wild West markets or more opportunistic and less regulated markets. And there are a group of institutional buyers who just want the coupon. That’s the virtuous cycle.

●      I’m invested in almost every region of this country and there are bright spots in every region of this country. There’s money to be made if you’re willing to work for it and do a good job for your residents.

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