The Trailer Park Podcast 7: Operations in Today’s Market w/ Kolman Bubis

by: Blake Comfort | May 11, 2021 | Podcast | 0 Comments

Show Notes:
Kolman Bubis is a founding partner at Sunstone Real Estate Advisors, the nation’s largest independent advisory firm focused exclusively on the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle asset class. The firm, founded in 2010, strategically operates nationwide with offices in Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

In 2013, Kolman co-founded Sunstone’s sister company Mortgage Capital, a national commercial and multi-family real-estate mortgage/lending company.

Prior to founding Sunstone, Kolman worked at Marcus & Millichap, focusing on brokerage of Mobile Home properties. Kolman assisted clients with fine-tuning their property disposition/acquisition and investment strategies.

Listen in as Kolman offers his perspective on the evolution of the market from the beginning of 2020 onwards and what investors can do to keep properties occupied today.

He also explains why there is no need to worry, at least in the long run, about the impact that the current presidential administration—or future ones, for that matter—will have on the market. 

Finally, Kolman explains why site visits are one of the most underutilized ways to gauge the potential success of an investment property.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

●      [01:41] An introduction to Sunstone

●      [06:08] Keeping homes occupied in today’s market

●      [14:00] Minimizing the risk of default

●      [17:21] How the Biden administration is impacting the market

●      [23:35] Cities that Kolman is currently bullish on

●      [29:55] How investment companies can become preferred buyers in Sunstone’s eyes

●      [41:03] What Kolman would do if he won $10 million today

Key Quotes from Kolman:

●      The demand for affordable housing has never been higher. I don’t think that’s going away. I think that COVID has exacerbated people’s need for homes.

●      Buy, sell, hold, operate, refinance. Beyond those five things, there’s really not that much else to do with these properties.

●      We’re only seeing stress in the space now with poor operators—operators that are really undercapitalized to start, or thought that mobile home parks were an armchair investment.

●      Information is power, and the more you have it, the better you can assess the risk or lack of risk of any particular deal.

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