The Trailer Park Podcast 4: Self-Storage, Real Estate Awakening, and Political Division w/ Brandon Webb

by: Blake Comfort | February 10, 2021 | Podcast | 1 Comments


In this episode of The Trailer Park Podcast, we welcome Brandon Webb.  Brandon is a former US Navy SEAL sniper, Entrepreneur ( &, and New York Times bestselling author. He is a member of YPO New York City, a former Veteran advisor to the U.S. Small Business Administration, and Harvard Business School OPM 56.

Brandon talks about his recent endeavors in the self storage industry.  He and his son, Hunter, recently purchased their first self storage in Lady Lake, Florida. They took your classic mom and pop owned property and have introduced some newer technological improvements to operations, like transitioning from paper to online leases and enhanced online marketing.  With the help of this advancements, they were able to take it form 55% to 100% occupied in 6 months and they include a 20% bump, which still left room compared to the competition.

Blake discusses the formation of Comfort Communities and his initial spark of interest for mobile home parks.  They discuss the benefits of parks compared to other real estate assets.  Brandon believes that the wider income gap in America has brought about a need for more affordable housing.  Through the recent economic events, there has been an awaking of interest and value of hard assets.  Both mobile home parks and self-storage facilities have proven to be extremely resilient during a recession.

They talk about the potential upcoming recession with mortgage payments coming due and stimulus eventually coming to a halt.  Brandon mentions that this will lead to great opportunities in real estate.  He also talks about the how the US tends to think short term versus a country like China, who thinks long term.  This could prove to be a detriment in regards to the way the US deals with this recovery.

Brandon talks about his company SOFREP Media, which focuses on foreign policy, domestic security and military news.  They serve as non-biased platform for those looking for a trustworthy new source.  Brandon believes journalism is practically dead.  He mentions how most news article now days are sensationalized for clicks and monetary benefits.  This has caused major political division in our country.

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