The Trailer Park Podcast 2: New Buyer Fears, Dwindling Supply, and Development Opportunity w/ John Sheedy

by: Blake Comfort | February 3, 2021 | Podcast | 0 Comments

Show Notes:

John Sheedy joins us for Episode 2 of The Trailer Park Podcast. John Sheedy is the Senior Vice President of Park Brokerage Inc. focusing his efforts on the Manufactured Housing and RV Park industry and is licensed in Arizona, California, and Nevada. Prior to joining Park Brokerage he was a regional executive devoted to sales and business development functions in aimed towards commercial real estate owners including construction, utility services, and tenant debt collections.  He owns and operates four 55+ MH/RV communities in Arizona and is a limited partner in several other mobile home parks and RV parks which allows him the experience and knowledge to handle your sale in a discreet and profitable fashion.

In this episode, John talks about his biggest year ever with a total of 27 MH & RV Transactions.  They discuss how there seems to be no shortage of capital entering the industry.  John also points out that he has noticed a large influx of buyers from other asset classes which is primarily due to MH & RV outperforming the others amidst the pandemic.

They breakdown some of the fears that new buyers have when entering into the space.  Blake mentions how you cannot get caught up in analysis paralysis.  You cannot expect for your first deal to be the perfect deal.  You don’t wait to buy real estate, you buy real estate and you wait.

John touches on some of the primary reasons sellers come to the table. Death, dissolution, and divorce are very common reasons for owners to consider selling their property.  Uncertainty is also a driving factor for many sellers at this point in time.  A combination of the dwindling supply, low interest rates, and CAP rate compression is leading to an increase in prices and demand.  John believes that the increase in pricing could potentially lead to more development due to the fact that it would make more financial sense now.

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