The Trailer Park Podcast 1: Freedom States, Landlord-Friendly Laws, Increase in Sales Volume, and Low Interest Rates w/ Ian Hilpl

by: Sean Rundle | January 25, 2021 | Podcast | 0 Comments

Ian Hilpl joins us for Episode 1 of The Trailer Park Podcast. Ian is a Senior Advisor for Capstone Manufactured Housing.  He works out of their office in Orlando and has been there for several years now. Prior to joining Capstone, Ian worked in commercial banking as a portfolio underwriter at a Fortune 500 financial institution.  In this episode, Blake and Ian dive into the growth and resilience of the “Freedom States”.  

They discuss the Landlord-Friendly Laws that often exist in these states and the benefits they offer from an operations as well as an investment standpoint. Ian shares how and why Capstone has had a tremendous increase in sales volume, from $350-$500 million this past year.  They talk about how the uncertainty in our country seems to be one of the driving factors for communities being sold.  Other factors they touch on are the low interest rates and extremely attractive financing that is currently available.  Ian also shares some entry level strategies for mobile home park beginners.

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