Rancho Del Sol

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Tucson, Arizona

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Rancho Del Sol Manufactured Home Park is in the city of Tucson, Arizona. This community is a 58-space, all-age family community with all city services, perimeter fencing and a laundry facility. Tucson and the other surrounding suburb cities that are close by provide ample recreational activities and employment opportunities to residents. The current rents at this property are under market and Rancho Del Sol currently has 4 park- owned homes that we plan to sell to the residents occupying them. By enhancing the look and quality of the grounds, selling the park-owned homes, and raising the rents to market the property will experience an increase in revenue and value.

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Targeted Cash Flow: 6%

Distributions: Monthly

Targeted investor IRR: 25%

Property Features:

Laundry Facilities, Great Location, Gated Entrance

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